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Gary A. Pascoe, Ph.D., D.A.B.T., is a risk assessment specialist with more than 30 years of experience in toxicology and human health and environmental chemical exposures, including risk assessments, public health evaluations, multi-media risk analyses, fate and transport studies, and risk-based decision-making. He provides expertise in ecological and human health risk assessments for hazardous waste management, industrial discharge permit applications, hazardous waste site remedial investigations, contaminated property cleanups, and litigation support for private and local administrative agencies.

Dr. Pascoe has served as a toxicologist or risk assessment specialist on several panels, including the Washington State Pesticide Incidence Reporting and Tracking (PIRT) panel and the Science Advisory Board of the Washington Department of Ecology. He has provided expert witness testimony and technical support on risks from exposures to dioxins and heavy metals due to industrial air emissions and through the marine food chain. He provides technical reviews of draft Toxicological Profiles for the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, reviews for the U.S. EPA Hazardous Waste Identification Rule, and has been invited as a plenary speaker at a Pellston Conference on risk assessment for contaminated wetland sediments, and as guest lecturer or presenter at various environmental symposia.

Dr. Pascoe has produced human health risk assessments for hazardous waste sites contaminated with PAHs, dioxins, metals, arsenic, and chlorinated solvents from a variety of industrial settings. He has managed a variety of environmental assessment and remediation projects under the Clean Water Act, CERCLA, RCRA, and various state regulations. He has managed multi-year remedial investigation/feasibility studies and biological monitoring programs for terrestrial, freshwater, and marine sediment sites. He recently managed a remedial investigation/feasibility study for a marine site in Puget Sound, WA, under CERCLA and MTCA, where sediment biological impacts drove remedial action objectives. He has provided technical expertise in risk assessment and risk management strategies at numerous freshwater and estuarine sites, including the Lower Duwamish River in Seattle, Portland Harbor/Willamette River, Upper Columbia River, and Tacoma’s Commencement Bay. His work in human health and ecological risk assessments of the Clark Fork River and Milltown Reservoir Sediments Superfund sites resulted in numerous peer-reviewed publications, which document field and laboratory-based risk assessment tasks from a multidisciplinary team of regional and federal government scientists, university researchers, and other consultants. Many of the publications helped inform national risk assessment methodologies. Dr. Pascoe has also managed numerous multipathway risk assessments for combustion facilities burning hazardous waste in support of RCRA Part B permits nationwide.

Dr. Pascoe has been the owner and principal scientist of Pascoe Environmental Consulting since 2003. He previously served as a Senior Risk Assessment Specialist at EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, and as a Senior Toxicologist at Tetra Tech during the late 1980s. He was Vice President of Technical Affairs at ERM-Environmental Toxicology International, Inc. in the early 1990s, where he supervised technical staff, directed risk assessment projects, assisted in business development, and served on the company board of directors.

Dr. Pascoe received his doctorate in Toxicology from the University of California, San Francisco and performed basic research in biochemical toxicology at Oregon State University and the University of Washington prior to his consulting practice. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology.